7 rammed earth benches, 11 rammed earth trail markers, rock, seeds
Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa
Farmhouse58/Nirox Foundation Collection

Curated Hike Distance: 4.7 km

Wayfinder enables a contemplative hike through the grasslands at Farmhouse 58. The walk is punctuated by artworks seven locations along the trail that direct the view of participants to observe seven unique vistas. The walker is invited to sit on the rammed earth benches to rest, take in the curated view, observe the subtle cycle of seasonal changes, and reflect upon one’s presence in this ancient landscape.
Each of the markers is associated with a single word to prompt contemplation. Participants are encouraged to make the hike solo, to walk slowly in a purposeful manner, to rejoice in the ability to walk, to allow the external to become internal, and to connect to the ground.

It is a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey.

If inspired to do so, hikers are asked to please add their thoughts to the jars at each work or add stones to those accumulated by the works.

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