Group Exhibition at ID11, Delft, NL

Solo exhibition at Tetem II, Enschede, NL 2008

Hand-dyed cotton, foam, monofilament, wood
ID11 Installation area: 4 m x 9 m
Tetem II Installation: 8 m x 10 m

I became enchanted with the lily filled waterways throughout the countryside. The electric green color was stunning until I realized that the canals were literally being choked by the algae. Research on water quality exposed petrochemicals, fertilizers and pesticides as the root causes for these beautiful blooms. The lily pads in Float are grouped similar to how they grow in the water but also to give the impression of molecular clusters. The clusters are suspended to cast their shadows on the surface below. The lily pads are made from woven cotton with a core of petroleum based foam. Enschede was once the center of textile production in the Netherlands.

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