The Fiber of Matter, Icehouse, Pheonix, AZ

Newspaper, cotton, plastic, tape.
120 feet in length, 35 feet in height.

A gauge
A guide
An indicator of direction
A revealer of the unknown
A tattler
A talebearer
A telltale
Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel, Tell-Tale replaces the characters of the fairy tale with contemporary equivalents: Government, Media, Citizens, Captives and Knowledge. The role of the evil enchantress Dame Gothel is that of the government and the media. Guided by folklore the parents of the unborn Rapunzel are those of us who accept an uneven bargain to sacrifice our rights out of fear generated from a long held but unproven tale. Rapunzel is representative of the majority who are held captive by the confines created by others. Knowledge replaces the Prince who provides relief, hope and the means of escape for Rapunzel but is rather easily duped, manipulated, and blinded.

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